this is our story

I am so glad that you have stopped by to check out my new organization. The Mission of Savannah’s Soldiers is to support the Nation’s Armed Forces with encouragement, love and care through writing letters, hosting events and raising awareness. I have mentioned my friends on other pages and on my blog but this is the story behind the song and the organization Savannah’s Soldiers.


I have a few very close friends. (The kind that you can tell anything to.) Wilson is one of them. She and I are very close. Her dad is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. He deployed to Afghanistan in January of 2012 and was gone for one year. It was a really tough thing for my friend and her family to deal with. She had to relocate to Atlanta to be closer to family so that her mom would have help when her dad was away. I miss her so much! Her leaving was a sad day. They also had to work out life in general without their dad for an entire year.


I thought that to help us deal with this HUGE change I would write a song that talks about her dad leaving but from my point of view. Especially since I love to write music. It was meant to be just between us but then… I really liked the song. I began to realize that there are so many kids affected by deployment. This song that I wrote for Wilson has really become about every kid who is dealing with this very same thing. The song was great but I felt like I could do even more. I thought it would be even better if we could adopt the Soldiers (all 700 of them) that were deployed with Wilson’s dad. This is where Savannah’s Soldiers began. The very cool thing is that it is growing like wildfire and now includes units in all branches of our Armed Forces! We now send letters of encouragement to thousands of our brave Military Members stationed oversees!


Savannah’s Soldiers is a letter writing campaign. We collect letters from kids across America and send them to these brave men and woman all year long until they all come home. We work closely with schools and organizations like the Miami Marlins, Miami Heat, and the World Golf Championships. To really reach out to all of our Deployed Military I need your help. We have to work together. If you will send me a letter via e-mail I will make sure that a Soldier deployed in Afghanistan receives it. If you see Savannah’s Soldiers set up at a public event please stop and write a letter. If you attend a school or are part of an organization that would be interested in joining our campaign please contact us by using the contact link.


Freedom is something that we do not think about often as kids living in the United States but I have come to know that there are many men and women who leave their families behind to allow us the freedoms that we enjoy here. We need to support our troops even if just with a letter. We need to let them know that we support them and are thankful for their service to our wonderful country.


We are changing the lives of our Deployed Military… one letter at a time!