Our Programs

Our in-school creative arts driven curriculum builds on the stepping stones of resilience, faith, inspiration, courage, creativity, commitment, perseverance, preparation, confidence, flexibility, compassion, patience, love and service.

These stepping stones…

Connect kids with where they are now and where they will be as they realize their dreams. 

Inspire and facilitate an open conversation about the positive benefits of human connectivity.

Create a connection between kids and those serving around the world.

Build a community of support within the school for those students who are experiencing separation from a parent due to a Military Deployment.

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Mail Call

Savannah's Soldiers started as and continues to be a National Letter Writing Campaign. We collect and send letters of encouragement from youth and adults alike to our Deployed Military Members serving around the world. Our goal is to collect and send one million letters to our deployed military members serving all around the world by 2020. EVERY letter is impactful, encouraging, and has the power to change the life of a serviceman or woman. We like to think of it as sending smiles, one letter at a time.



Savannah's Soldiers is a curriculum based educational program
that positively impacts America's youth through Arts and Education championed by its 17 year old founder and CEO, Savannah Maddison. Our curriculum focus is educating students on the power of service. We encourage them to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. Savannah’s signature educational and motivational programs challenge students to be confident while inspiring them to make a positive difference in our world. 



Savannah is currently awaiting the NOVEMBER 2019 release of her first book titled "SINCERELY, YOU" that inspires positive character traits and human connectivity published by Random House. Savannah's interactive and aspirational book "SINCERELY YOU" will be distributed in tandem with the program .



We love to be out and about! Savannah's Soldiers works with major team and event promotors across the country to increase awareness and offer the public the opportunity to get involved.